Our Story


We are a husband-and-wife team in Seattle who believe that food should be delicious, nutritious, and sustainable. Omar grew up in Mexico City, where amaranth snacks are wildly popular. Natasha is an avid foodie who enjoys exploring every aisle of a grocery store. Our mission is to make amaranth your new favorite food.

Nth Degree Snacks are inspired by alegría, one of Omar’s favorite snacks. Natasha also fell in love with alegría while visiting Omar’s family in Mexico. Omar’s mom gave us a stack of bars to share on the plane ride home - and the bars were gone before we landed!

We created Nth Degree Snacks to bring a similar snack experience here in the U.S. Packed with superfoods, our bars are a healthy twist on the traditional alegría recipe. We hope they delight you in every way.